Kids4Peace Boston Youth Need Your Support

To Create Pathways to Peace This Summer

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Donate today so interfaith teens can dedicate their summer to peace building and justice!

Kids4Peace is empowering a new generation of peace leaders. Intensive summer camps and programs provide them with the skills they need to break down barriers and take action for coexistence and social justice.

However, Kids4Peace Boston youth can't attend these programs without your support! Modest tuition covers only a fraction of the full cost to run these summer skill-building programs. Given our commitment to forming a diverse community, we remove financial barriers by significantly subsidizing program costs and by providing scholarships for those in need. More than half of our families require scholarship assistance throughout their six years in K4PB.

Your gift will enable:

  • 7th and 8th graders to begin their K4PB journey at Peace Leader camp in New Hampshire
  • 9th graders to learn about faith-based social change with peers from Jerusalem at Kids4Peace camp in North Carolina
  • 10th graders to join youth from Jerusalem to develop advocacy and social change skills during the Kids4Peace Global Institute in Washington, DC
  • 11th-12th graders to put their skills into action during an intensive dialogue program and by serving as interns and counselors-in-training

By clicking the red button above you are helping Kids4Peace youth create pathways to peace. Your gift of:

  • $100 helps offer kosher and halal food at camp
  • $250 supports one day of interfaith learning and friendship at Peace Leader camp
  • $500 provides a partial scholarship for a summer skill-building program
  • $950 offers a full scholarship for a rising 7th or 8th grader to attend K4PB Peace Leader Camp in New Hampshire
  • $1,200 allows a high school student to participate in an intensive summer leadership training and dialogue program
  • $1,800 covers a tuition scholarship for a 9th grader to attend an international camp with Israeli and Palestinian peers from Kids4Peace Jerusalem
  • $2,000 enables a 10th or 11th grader to join youth from Jerusalem to learn about advocacy and methods of social change during the Kids4Peace Global Institute
  • $5,000 helps cover the cost of interfaith Kids4Peace Boston camp staff, including their training and week serving as counselors
Thank you!

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